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Who We Are


My name is Denise Deen, and I am the of founder of Miya's Foundation. Miya's Foundation was inspired and named after my daughter Miya. In December 2010, Miya and I traveled to Freetown, Sierra Leone to visit her paternal family. During that time, Miya noticed that there were no Christmas gifts on Christmas Day. This was culture shock to her. 

In December, 2015, Miya and I traveled again to Sierra Leone.  This time Miya asked if she could buy Christmas gifts with the savings from her piggy bank ($15.23). My husband and I jumped into action, and bought toys and went through most of our used clothing and other items and took them to Sierra Leone. Miya so excited after sharing the gifts to children her age and younger, asked if we can do this every year. We promised Miya that we will try to continue this venture. We hope with the help of all you good Samaritans we can accomplish this, and make Christmas brighter for underprivileged children and their families in Freetown,   Sierra Leone, in West Africa.

A Veteran's Story:

Why is serving our Veterans important? In 2006, my husband Abdul Deen, co-founder was injured while serving in Iraq. He was deemed permanently disabled and was honorably and medically discharged from the U S Army. It was a hectic journey for my husband even with moral, emotional and physical support during his medical treatments and surgeries.  As a spouse and a caregiver of a Veteran, Miya's Foundation understands the need for supportive networks and services. We are dedicated to provide that support to homeless Veterans.


According to The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, “The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) states that the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly 9% being female. About 1.4 million other veterans, meanwhile, are considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.”

                     Sgt. Deen, Abdul

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Miya at 5 weeks old & Abdul before deployment in 2006.